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The world economy is performing global development; especially the market of a new emerging country will come into the limelight more and more in future. It is in particular certain that regional economic activities in ASEAN become more active.

Indonesia, a main country of ASEAN region, has positively introduced foreign direct investment as one of very important economic policies that is indispensable to develop national economic growth from the view point of creating job opportunities and eradicating poverties.

The Government of Indonesia enforced the new investment law in April, 2007 in order to improve investment climate and planned to provide domestic and foreign investors with necessary facilitation. In accordance with Indonesian Government policy, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is making an effort to improve its services for national and foreign investors.

As you know, the total investment amount from Japan to Indonesia is the biggest among foreign countries and it is extremely remarkable that they have contributed a lot for Indonesian economic development. Japanese further investment is greatly expected in future.

Based on the request from BKPM, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) renewed the Japanese home page on the investment in Indonesia for Japanese investors this time. It is convinced that the information provided herein will help potential investors not only to have better understanding Indonesia but also to be useful for their investment consideration and is hoped that Japanese investment is accelerated more and more.


The Investment Coordinating Board