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Re:OSS system新規投資最低資本金額案内のこと 掲題につきまして下記の通り、

9月13日付にて経済調整府より案内がありましたので ご連絡申し上げます。


To OSS system service users OSS system development has been done by adding several new menus and changes in capital filters for foreign capital companies (PMA)

These changes are:

1. The "non-deed change" feature is an OSS system development to meet the needs of OSS system service users to make changes to company data as follows:

a. Menu "change company profile" This menu is used to make changes and / or corrections to typing errors (typo) for company profile data, namely company name, office address, NPWP number, and company contact

b. Menu "change investment data" This menu is used to make changes to investment data (total investment value) including changes in the value of fixed capital consisting of purchase and maturation of land, buildings / buildings, machinery equipment, and other investment value, as well as working capital (3 months)

2. Closing of the representative office This menu is an OSS system development to close the representative office (especially the representative office of foreign trade company / KP3A) in the form of revocation and business license of the representative office of foreign trade company / SIUP3A) issued by BKPM before OSS was launched

3. Addition of permanent business form (BUT) A business actor with a permanent business entity (BUT) registers as a non-individual and can choose a permanent business entity (BUT) in the type of company / agency at the time of recording the deed

4. Capital change filter for PMA Provisions on capital requirements (paid-in / issued capital) as screening for companies in the framework of PMA is set at Rp. 2,500,000,000, this determination replaces the previous requirement of Rp. 10,000,000,000 Posted by

admin. Thursday, September 13, 2018 09.00